Mangaluru makes it to list of Smart Cities

Mangaluru makes it to list of Smart Cities ..To know more Visit


Low budget decorative tips to style your small apartments.


Don’t you wish to live in a luxurious home with decorative rooms and sprawling veranda by looking your lovely garden ? It sounds like living in a paradise where your dream come true. While a small apartment with magnified decorative world will be a really dream for super cool families and Y generation folks living in a urban areas like Mangalore where space is a major constraint. To own a apartment in Mangalore will be a big dream for some of you. Along with decorating a apartment according to your budget is really a challenging thing. But it is not impossible you follow these 3 simple logic : Real, Simple and Practical. Here are some decorative tips for your beautiful home that not only gives look to your small house but also help to go easy with your budget. To know more visit