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Mangalore is one of the growing city in India and Real Estate is playing wide role in this growth. Over the years, with the growing of new technologies, India is also increasing level of exposure to the international trends of style, comfort, construction, architectural look and sectors had come up with a thorough make over. At Redrocks Tonalite you can get comfortable life in which we included certain specification that make your space a better space to live.

Redrocks Tonalite, a perfect Residential apartments in Mangalore with well modern amenities and specification located in Yeyyadi, behind AJ Hospital and it is close to Derebail parish which will be the perfect choice of your taste. These apartments will be close to international airport, schools, colleges temple and just few distance from Mangalore city. You can call it as golden place because this apartments near to all your basic needs such as hospital, schools, market an unbeatable choice of affordable accommodation in a quiet neighborhood.

The Redrocks Tonalite is designed to become very well residential apartments in Mangalore offering amenities that will complement a modern and luxury life style. It includes parking system, Gymnasium, Recreation hall on terrace with lift facility, Centex facility, Children’s play area, Fire fighting system, Generator backup for lift and common area and modular kitchens which will elevate your life style with comfort and luxury. To know more please visit


Beautiful apartment works by Redrocks Group, Mangalore. Please watch it.

Mangalore is one of the beautiful place developing city located in coastal region of Karnataka which lies between the Arabian sea and the Western Ghat mountain ranges.Mangalore is one of the most cosmopolitan non-metro cities of India. The city’s landscape is characterized by rolling hills, coconut palms, freshwater streams, and hard red-clay tiled-roof buildings. With its pristine beaches, broad roads and calm localities, Mangalore was declared the eighth cleanest city in India. Mangalore ranked India’s 13th place in top business destination. Karnataka’s port city, Mangalore, ranks high on human capital, water, environment, health and safety, schools & colleges, health care, city culture and getaways.

Kulshekar is one of the town located near Mangalore surrounded by full western ghats and houses. Redrocks Builders and Developers offering 1 BHK, 2BHK, studio apartments near this city with all amenities.Construction is in full swing and project will be complete in DEC 2015.You can watch the complete project demo in this video.


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Yakshagana-One of the most Traditional Dance of Mangalore, South Karnataka

is a theater form that combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up, and stage techniques with a unique style and form which you can find in coastal region of Karnataka.Yaksha-gana literally means the song (gana) of a Yaksha. Yakshas were an exotic tribe mentioned in the Sanskrit literature of ancient India. It will contain old puranas stories which they present in most dramatical way.This is the only one art where you can see combination of other arts.                               yakshagana-kendra-jatayu-salvation-saturday-festival-of

It is believed to have originated in the coastal districts of Karnataka. The true representation of the poems enacted in these plays is attributed to have started during the Vaishnav Bhakti movement in the 11th century. In 13th century, a Sage named Narahari Thirtha started Dashavathara performance in Udupi, which later developed into the Yakshagana of today.

yaksha1 gana

Yakshagana Performance contains following arts

The Play: The lively performance full of dance and drama has poetic songs sung by the chief musician known as the’ Bhagvata’ who controls the narrative. The play begins with a prelude called the “Sabhalakshana’ followed by the “Prasanga” The dialogues were traditionally impromptu, and were rendered by the actors with the flow of the song. As the dialogues are impromptu, no two performances of the same play will be identical.ganaq

Music:The performance also includes background muscic played by a group of musicians known as “Himmela”. The background musicconsists of a mix of drums, pipes and organs. The prasangas or stories are mostly based on the Hindu epics such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and the Puranas. Yakshaganas are also performed on significant events of the lives of historical legends. To lighten up the narrative humor is introduced in the performance by the antics of the clown called the” Hasyagar”. The mythological characters and various incarnations of Gods and Goddesses take the viewer in to a surreal world.           ganaqqq

Characters: In Yakshagana the men portray both male and female characters .The elaborate headgears are decorated differently for Kings and for the demons. The makeup of the demons is done to bring out their demonic character. The full ensemble of a Yakshagana consists of a minimum of 15 people, which include the musicians, the actors and the narrator.

Stage: Traditionally the performances are staged in the open air over a period of dusk to dawn. It is originally staged in the compound of a temple where the “Rangasthalla” (stage) is adorned with leaves of mango and plantain, and flowers and coconut and coloured paper add to the festive look. There are about 30 professional troupes and about 200 amateur troupes performing this ancient art form . The performances are usually held during the months of November and May.  yaksha 

Are you love to watch Yakshgana? Then you can find so many Yakshagana videos in Youtube. Please watch it and tell me how do you felt by watching it.

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The Sultan Battery -One of the best place to visit in Mangalore

flats mangaloreThe Sultan Battery watch tower, constructed in 1784 by Tippu Sulthan is situated in Boloor, 4km from Mangalore city, the Chief port city in the state of Karnataka, India.250px-Sultan_Battery_2163

It’s a man made piece of beautiful work located amid-st the beauty of nature will attract people.They always find peace and come out of there worries for a short period of time.It’s a very nice place to hang out,you find all age people coming here adults come here to relax,couples have there time,children play.The beauty of the palm trees along the steam of river is awesome.sultan-battery

If one climbs to the top of the watch tower by stairs, he can get a panoramic view of Arabian Sea which leaves the nature lovers in boundless joy. This place is a blend of natural and manmade beauty. It is now a deserted place but is gathering popularity among tourists because of the invading eternal bliss of the nature.

2013-11-25There is a Beach called Tannirbhavi which is one more attraction of this place. The beach gives you a peaceful tune of calmness of a river and waves of the sea. There are plenty of state transport and private buses plying in that route from the capital city to Mangalore. The beach is much deserted and possesses no busy essence of a crowded place. Some people love places that are devoid of crowd and believe in the fact that places like this should remain as it is and undisturbed without any artificial intervention. The place is apt for such tranquil naturalists who love secluded enjoyment of nature.

You deserve to be here                                  Tannir-Bavi-beach

Living in your dreams

There is a heaven on earth

The last paradise on earth

The unexpected place of happiness

Felicity is being here

we found it…at The Sultan Battery

If you visit Mangalore, never miss to go this place.

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Environment Awareness Tips

plots for sale in Mangalore

Healthy Apartments are homes that are safe, clean, and healthy for the people who live there. Many studies link health issues such as asthma, lead poisoning, and injury to hazards in the home. A hazard is a source of danger and can be anything that increases the risk of harm .

Here are some tips to keep your apartments and land free from pollution.                                          Flats for sale

1.Don’t throw waste!

Don’t throw it into the street, into the woods, into the rivers, into the seas! If you throw trash away, it doesn’t go away, ever. Trash comes back, in so many ways, and none of them good .

2. Sort your waste!

In the Clean World everything used is sorted and that’s how we reduce trash. It is one of the best ways to re-use resources. In the Clean World we hope to eliminate landfills and view trash as a valuable source of new resources.

3. Don’t throw anything away. Anything!

When something is broken, try to fix it! If you can’t, then recycle it! If you don’t need something, think of a new use for it or give it to somebody who might need it. Everything that you may no longer require could be valuable elsewhere. Think, before you dispose.

4. Don’t burn waste!

Burning trash seems an easy option. However, when you burn trash, it returns many toxins to the environment. Look to re-cycle your trash… Don’t burn it!

5. Compost food leftovers!

Food leftovers should not be thrown away, but composted. In the Clean World there is a compost next to every house for every community.

6. Consume only as much as you really need to!

In the Clean World people regard consumption as the last resort. Repair as much as possible. Don’t let fashion or technology affect your opinions.

7. Avoid using disposable products that generate trash!

Glass bottles filled with drinks really are environmentally ‘better’. Instead of plastic bags, use bags made of fabric. Products are consumed more reasonably in the Clean World.

8. Buy trash free products!

Avoid products that are excessively packaged. Choose to buy durable products that will last. In the Clean World there are totally recyclable products.

9. Support environmentally friendly legislation and actions!

Vote for laws that support environmentally friendly produced goods, from farmers’ markets or directly from the producer. Cut out the marketing and packaging. In the Clean World we buy responsibly.

10. Make more greenery near house

Grow plants as much as possible in you plots or near house Apartments so that we can keep pollution free environment

11. Co-operate with others by suggesting alternatives!

Be yourself but make sure your friends can see your example. In the Clean World everybody is responsible. Be different by making your friends enjoy the Clean World.   Land sale in Mangalore

Redrocks Group a leading Builders and Developers in Mangalore celebrating world’s Environment Day to keep awareness among the people.

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