Redrocks Tonalite, a Comfort Residential Apartments in Mangalore


Mangalore is one of the growing city in India and Real Estate is playing wide role in this growth. Over the years, with the growing of new technologies, India is also increasing level of exposure to the international trends of style, comfort, construction, architectural look and sectors had come up with a thorough make over. At Redrocks Tonalite you can get comfortable life in which we included certain specification that make your space a better space to live.

Redrocks Tonalite, a perfect Residential apartments in Mangalore with well modern amenities and specification located in Yeyyadi, behind AJ Hospital and it is close to Derebail parish which will be the perfect choice of your taste. These apartments will be close to international airport, schools, colleges temple and just few distance from Mangalore city. You can call it as golden place because this apartments near to all your basic needs such as hospital, schools, market an unbeatable choice of affordable accommodation in a quiet neighborhood.

The Redrocks Tonalite is designed to become very well residential apartments in Mangalore offering amenities that will complement a modern and luxury life style. It includes parking system, Gymnasium, Recreation hall on terrace with lift facility, Centex facility, Children’s play area, Fire fighting system, Generator backup for lift and common area and modular kitchens which will elevate your life style with comfort and luxury. To know more please visit


Environment Awareness Tips

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Healthy Apartments are homes that are safe, clean, and healthy for the people who live there. Many studies link health issues such as asthma, lead poisoning, and injury to hazards in the home. A hazard is a source of danger and can be anything that increases the risk of harm .

Here are some tips to keep your apartments and land free from pollution.                                          Flats for sale

1.Don’t throw waste!

Don’t throw it into the street, into the woods, into the rivers, into the seas! If you throw trash away, it doesn’t go away, ever. Trash comes back, in so many ways, and none of them good .

2. Sort your waste!

In the Clean World everything used is sorted and that’s how we reduce trash. It is one of the best ways to re-use resources. In the Clean World we hope to eliminate landfills and view trash as a valuable source of new resources.

3. Don’t throw anything away. Anything!

When something is broken, try to fix it! If you can’t, then recycle it! If you don’t need something, think of a new use for it or give it to somebody who might need it. Everything that you may no longer require could be valuable elsewhere. Think, before you dispose.

4. Don’t burn waste!

Burning trash seems an easy option. However, when you burn trash, it returns many toxins to the environment. Look to re-cycle your trash… Don’t burn it!

5. Compost food leftovers!

Food leftovers should not be thrown away, but composted. In the Clean World there is a compost next to every house for every community.

6. Consume only as much as you really need to!

In the Clean World people regard consumption as the last resort. Repair as much as possible. Don’t let fashion or technology affect your opinions.

7. Avoid using disposable products that generate trash!

Glass bottles filled with drinks really are environmentally ‘better’. Instead of plastic bags, use bags made of fabric. Products are consumed more reasonably in the Clean World.

8. Buy trash free products!

Avoid products that are excessively packaged. Choose to buy durable products that will last. In the Clean World there are totally recyclable products.

9. Support environmentally friendly legislation and actions!

Vote for laws that support environmentally friendly produced goods, from farmers’ markets or directly from the producer. Cut out the marketing and packaging. In the Clean World we buy responsibly.

10. Make more greenery near house

Grow plants as much as possible in you plots or near house Apartments so that we can keep pollution free environment

11. Co-operate with others by suggesting alternatives!

Be yourself but make sure your friends can see your example. In the Clean World everybody is responsible. Be different by making your friends enjoy the Clean World.   Land sale in Mangalore

Redrocks Group a leading Builders and Developers in Mangalore celebrating world’s Environment Day to keep awareness among the people.

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