Real Estate Marketing Trends in Mangalore 2015

real-estate trend

At present builders and Developers in Mangalore like Redrocks Group thriving with major investment in Real Estate.Famous IT companies and top investors targeting the Mangalore place for their Business investment that made our city more popular.The renovation of Roadways, Railways, Airport has also contributed in Development of Real Estate market in Mangalore.Mangalore is now hottest choice for people who wants toinvest in Properties.There are a lot of commercial and Residential apartments in Mangalore have started up leading to the development of the city and at same time infrastructural development and concretisation of conveyance systems has further led to the growth of construction Industry in Mangalore.

The construction Industry leading growth in the form of commercial complexes, multiplexes, malls and residential apartments.At present tiled roof structures in in Mangalore is zero and all old buildings are renovated with concrete structures with complete new look.The total mall space acquired approximatly Five Lakh Sq Ft and which is estimated to reach 15 SqFt by next three years.India’s 4th big mall , Lotus Mall is going to be complete by this year. Other malls are City center, forum Mall, Bharath Mall, plama Mall, Global Square has more attracted people to our city.Every nook and corner of the city of mangalore is found to be self sustained modern infrastructure like hospitals, schools, supermarkets, restaurants medical store, International Gym, Food Court, star hotels, multiplexes, sports club, golf course etc. which totally changed the life style of Mangalore people.

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